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Installing WordPress using the IS2CO Method:

Installing WordPress is now Much Easier

Web Hosts have now utilized one-click installs to give users quick access to WordPress. However, what you install after the initial setup is extremely important.

Our 20+ step process makes sure you install WordPress the right way with the right settings.

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Securing Your WordPress Site Doesn’t have to be hard.

Most WordPress sites that have been hacked were hacked because of a few overlooked items.  Our Checklist will show you some advaned techniques that you can do in order to make your site more secure.


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Configuring WordPress can be a breeze if you have a little help

If you setup your site correctly the first time, it will save you hours of time and frustration in the future.

We show you the best plugins to help with your configuration.

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Your WP Site can be a hub for your customers and followers

Get the best way to connect your site to social media, advertisements, and analytics to give your users the best experience.

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Optimization keeps your site running at tip top shape.

Your images, database, and files work together to make your site work. Learn the best ways to optimize them so that your site moves faster than ever.

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Install Your WP Website The Right Way

Benefits of using our checklist & joining our FREEWP Mentor membership

Stop Hunting Through YouTube Videos

YouTube videos are great, but you're never sure if the info you're getting is the latest.  Also you have to hunt through different channels to get the info you need.

Up to Date Info - Not Stale Blog Posts

Blog Posts are an excellent source of information, but sometimes you're not sure if you're reading something from this year, or this decade.

Get a More Secure Site

By Installing WordPress correctly in the first place, you'll have less of a chance that your site will be hacked.  We also show you more advanced tactics to secure your site.

Make More Informed Decisions

Sometimes you just don't know what tools to use to get your site secure, configured, and optimized.  We start you out by sharing with you plugins that we've tested and approved.